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I’m Micki McWade. Welcome to my site. I’ve worked in the divorce field for the last 20 years as a divorce support group leader, psychotherapist specializing in divorce and relationships, parent educator and Collaborative Divorce coach. I have followed the developing research and want to share that knowledge and experience with you so that you can create a better divorce or recover from one in a healthier way.

First, know that you have the power to create a good or bad divorce. It’s important to understand this as soon as possible so you can make intelligent choices and avoid unnecessary damage. Get the information you need to accomplish a good divorce. It takes more maturity than most of us have to do divorce well, but the stretch is worth the trouble.

Second, recognize that if you have children, you will be connected to your spouse forever, regardless of the divorce. A divorce will end the marital relationship but it doesn’t end the parenting relationship. You will be together many times over the years, so limiting the damage done during your divorce is not only smart, you might think of it as self-preservation. Most importantly, it will make life easier for your children.

Lots of helpful information is available about divorce and the more you know, the better it is for you and your family. Please browse through the resources mentioned here. There are choices to be made. If you haven’t decided on your model of divorce, consider the Collaborative Divorce process. This is a brilliant concept of collaboration between legal, mental health and financial professionals who provide support for the family, rather than tearing each other apart in a futile war. To read more about this go to the Collaborative Divorce page here as well as www.collaborativepractice.com.

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